Albino Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms UK



Albino Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms UK

Buy Albino Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms UK – Albino Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Treasure Coast Albino), is a P. Cubensis strain named after its place of origin, the Treasure Coast of Florida. This magic mushroom was found growing naturally in cow and horse dung on the Southern Florida Gulf Coast (Treasure Coast).

Since its discovery, Treasure Coast shrooms have proven to be a household name amongst psychonauts and mycologists. The Albino Treasure Coast mushrooms tend to have even more potency in its frosted caps. Albino Treasure Coast shrooms are known to for very large flushes. Its fruits are not very tall but they are known to grow in large thick clusters. The Albino strains tend to grow slower but also contain more psilocybin in its caps.


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