Albino Zilla Magic Mushrooms UK



Albino Zilla Magic Mushrooms UK

Buy Albino Zilla Magic Mushrooms UK – Albino Zilla Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Albino Zilla) is a representation of one of the new great strains created with the recent resurgence and interest in psychedelics and plant medicine. This variation of the P. Cubensis is a cross between a classic Albino A+ and Great White Monster.

This true Albino strain is grown in near-complete darkness. The two Albino strains are combined to create a powerful and sturdy strain. It is unknown who created this strain but we are happy that with more interest in magic mushrooms we are seeing new and innovative strains. The Albino Zilla mushrooms are thick and sturdy. The colours are completely ghostly white with some dark bruising. The stems are shorter and the caps are relatively large. The caps are beautifully spread open.


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