Buy Extra Strength 100mg RSO 30 Indica Capsules


For Experienced Users

Indica | 100mg THC per capsule | 30 capsules per bottle

Recommended dosage: Take 1 Capsule and wait 2 hours for full effect. This product is extremely high strength – experienced users only!

Organic, Lab-tested, Non-GMO, Natural and Gluten-Free
Ingredients: Organic fractioned coconut oil, full-spectrum THC extract

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Buy Extra Strength 100mg RSO 30 Indica Capsules

Buy Extra Strength 100mg RSO 30 Indica Capsules Online – Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), also known as Phoenix Tears, is a highly effective full-spectrum extract. The extraction process is such that all of the medically beneficial cannabinoids are extracted from the cannabis plant, resulting in a potent and effective medicine for oral consumption. RSO is a very efficacious medicine due to the entourage effect of the cannabinoids present. When consumed orally, RSO is often much more effective per milligram ingested than more refined extracts such as distillate or honey oil.

The Indica RSO Oil leaves you blissful and relaxed as an overwhelming sense of calm and relief washes over you. Perfect for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, muscle spasms, insomnia, seizures and headaches, the numerous medical benefits of the Indica RSO Oil stem from its Indica nature. Reliable scientific research has proven Indica products to be extremely beneficial for certain ailments and conditions. Indica cannabis has an international reputation for its ability to sedate, relax, induce appetite and decrease stress. This Indica RSO Oil is a perfect end to a long, stressful or painful day.


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