Dabber’s Delight Citrus Cookies Honey Oil UK


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Dabber’s Delight Citrus Cookies Honey Oil UK

Buy Dabber’s Delight Citrus Cookies Honey Oil UK – Citrus Cookies are sought out by cannabis users because it was bred almost exclusively for fragrance and flavor. It emits an aroma reminiscent of citrus from the tropics and its taste is like savouring a sweet orange cookie. This strain is an Indica-leaning hybrid.

Tension in the body unfolds as pain temporarily subsides according to many that have tried it. Consumers say they have used indica strains for easing chronic pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and inflammation. This THC Medical cannabis oil is ideal for dabbing and vaping! The glass syringe can withstand high heat from dab rig nails.

What to Expect

Effects have been described by our testers as being both cerebral and physical. It might reduce stressful thinking patterns and put you in a happy or tranquil state of mind, but it could simultaneously create a lack of focus as well. Make sure you’ve cleared your to-do list before consuming!


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