Delta Extrax Zombi Extrax Cookie UK 500MG



Delta Extrax Zombi Extrax Cookie UK 500MG

Buy Delta Extrax Zombi Extrax Cookie UK 500MG Online. The Zombi Extrax edible collection features a unique Blackout Blend of Live Resin, Delta 9, Delta 10, THCP, THC-B, THC-X, and PHC. Also, there is 1 cookie per pack and we recommend eating 1/4 of the cookie at a time for best results.

This mouth-watering Toffee Cookie is exactly what your brain has been craving. Speaking of brains, The Zombi Extrax combo packs the right punch regarding cannabinoids and flavor. Experience tasty crushed toffee and almonds mixed with a crazy blend of hemp-derived THC.

This isn’t your regular Mom’s Apple Pie; this is an apple pie cookie that only Zombi + Extrax can make. This twisted take on the all-American apple pie packs a punch, has cinnamon, nutmeg, and butterscotch flavor, and is topped off with oats.

Ingredient: All-purpose flour, unsalted butter, brown sugar, toffee (sugar, vegetable oil [palm oil, sunflower oil], milk, almonds, salt, soy lecithin), white sugar, eggs, almonds, distilled water, vanilla extract, non fat milk powder, salt, baking soda, preservatives (xanthan gum, citric fiber), Delta-9 THC live resin (150mg/container, 37.5mg/serving), PHC (150mg/container, 37.5/serving), Delta-10 THC (100mg/container, 25mg/serving), THC-X (49.5mg/container, 12.37mg/serving), THC-B (49.5mg/container, 12.37mg/serving), THCP (1mg/container, 0.25mg/serving).

Contains: Wheat, milk, egg, soy. Made in a facility that processes wheat, milk, soy, and nuts.

Suggested Use: Consume 1/4 of the cookie to establish individual tolerance.

Flavor Profile: Delicious chocolate with crushed bits of sweet toffee

Strain: Hybrid

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Toffee Cookie, Mom’s Apple Pie


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