Elev8 – Disposable Vape Pens UK



Elev8 – Disposable Vape Pens UK

Buy Elev8 – Disposable Vape Pens UK – The Elev8 vape pen consist of 94% THC distillate and natural flavouring; no PG, VG, PGe or artificial flavouring.

Most pens on the market are filled with a suspended crude extract like shatter (BHO) or have a watered down form of distillate that is full of fillers. The reason for this is that the majority of pens on the market were actually designed for e-juice, not concentrates, so the product has to be diluted to work properly.

Our pens are designed specifically for the viscosity of our THC distillate. Because the pens are designed for THC distillate they provide a richer taste and more potent effect.

Don’t let those other brands fool you! Distillate is neither Indica or Sativa. The distillation process removes all properties that make a strain Indica or Sativa, all that should be left after a proper distillation is Delta 9 THC. Our lead distiller is one of the most highly sought-after distillate makers in the market who has been working in this specific industry since before birth! We use absolutely NO cutters, fillers or carrier oils and have one of the largest flavour selections available.

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Mint, Fuzzy peach, Bubble gum, Cotton Candy, Root Beer, Banana, Mango, Froot Loops, Blue Berry, Red Sour Puss, Water Mellon, Bellini, Guava


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