Elyxr Delta 8 THC – 2 Gram Caviar Blunt UK


All products contain less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC.

Weight .7 oz


Elyxr Delta 8 THC – 2 Gram Caviar Blunt UK

Buy Elyxr Delta 8 THC – 2 Gram Caviar Blunt UK – Indica: Relaxing / Sativa: Energizing / Hybrid: Mix of both (mostly depends on the parent’s strains)

Sativa ~ Pineapple LAB
Indica ~ Mango Kush LAB: Delicious mango flavor, offers a relaxing and calm high. It has a mix of mango and banana aroma.
Indica ~ Bubba Kush LAB: Offers a surge of happiness while crushing stress. It has an earthy flavor and aroma. Perfect for a night in.
Indica ~ Blackberry Kush LAB: This tasty berry flavored strain, produces a relaxing effect. It has an amazing blackberry aroma.
Indica ~ Berry White LAB: Perfect for stress relief and anxiety. Will put you in an upbeat mood. This berry-tasting strain is followed by a sweet aroma.
Sativa ~ Super Lemon Haze LAB: Great energetic high with a lemony taste. It’s tart and sweet.
Sativa ~ Strawberry Cough LAB: The berry-flavored caviar will cause an uplifting effect. It’ll provide a euphoric experience.
Sativa ~ Tangie LAB: This citrus-tasting strain is best used if you want a euphoric relaxed high. It also has a refreshing tangerine aroma.
Hybrid ~ Grape Kush LAB: Best used for a night in. Gives you a relaxed body high including euphoric head effects.
Hybrid ~ LA Confidential LAB: Provides a psychedelic and calming body high. It has a smooth and piney taste with a skunky aroma.
Hybrid ~  Peach LAB: A perfect mix of an uplifting and calming high. This peachy-flavored strain is great for a creative mind.
Hybrid ~ Slurricane LAB: Amazing if you want a stress-free high. This sweet strain is great for relaxing and helps with insomnia.


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Berry White – Indica, Blackberry Kush – Indica, Bubba Kush – Indica, Grape Kush – Hybrid, La Confidential – Hybrid, Mango Kush – Indica, Peach – Hybrid, Pineapple – Sativa, Slurricane – Hybrid, Strawberry Cough – Sativa, Super Lemon Haze – Sativa, Tangie – Sativa


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