Gaia Pink Kush Drops 2000MG THC UK


Indica | 4mg THC Per Drop | 500 Drops Per Bottle
Organic, Lab-tested, Non-GMO, Natural and Gluten-Free, Coconut Oil Base

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Gaia Pink Kush Drops 2000MG THC UK

Buy Gaia Pink Kush Drops 2000MG THC UK Online – GAIA Pink Kush Drops are a high-strength full-spectrum THC product. Made with Natural ingredients these powerful drops offer an excellent alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. For those needing sleep aid or pain relief these 2000mg THC drops. Made with minimal ingredients and no artificial flavouring or colouring agents. These THC Drops by GAIA contain 2000mg of THC per bottle; 4mg per drop

THC Drops Best Use

Simply add to your favourite foods, beverages or consume directly for the most precise dosing. These are slow-acting 2000mg THC drops so expect effects to kick in within 45-60 mins. Additional benefits should also be a mood enhancer. Given the potency, expect muscle relaxation with will help with sleep or pain relief but given the strong reaction time may be delayed which is why we suggest these at the end of the day after all driving and working are done. Given your own personal cannabinoid system, we recommend a trial of Indica and Indica to determine what works best for you. These 2000mg THC Indica drops can also be used to increase appetite; help people that are trying to get off harsh pharmaceutical painkillers like oxycontin.

The flavour of Pink Kush drops

Despite the 2000mg THC Drops by GAIA being potent they have a light flavour. No artificial or natural flavouring is added so consume in a variety of ways. When added to food or drinks, taste should be hard to detect. The taste of these products comes from the natural terpenes contained in each cannabis strain. Oral use is recommended; for best results add to already cooked foods.


As each bottle contains 25ml of oil (500 drops), each drop contains 4mg of THC. Ideal for accurate dosing, the potency of this product depends entirely on the amount consumed. Please always keep edibles and other cannabis products away and out of reach of animals and children, do not drive or operate machinery after consumption and please do not consume if pregnant. Always take edibles with food and allow two hours for the full effect. As always with edibles, we suggest users start low and take it slow. As with any edibles, if users ever feel they’ve gone too far, they should try to relax. The effects of the THC will subside in a few hours and a dose of CBD can even help take the edge off.


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