MOTA – White CBD Tincture UK (375mg CBD)


25mg CBD per 1mL dropper

375mg CBD per 15mL bottle


MOTA – White CBD Tincture UK (375mg CBD)

Buy MOTA – White CBD Tincture UK (375mg CBD) – The Mota CBD White Tincture is expertly formulated using premium CBD isolate that is tasteless and fast-acting. It also makes the discreet administration of CBD easy since it can easily be added to a preferred food or beverage.

Moreover, the MCT oil that is used as a carrier in MOTA CBD White Tincture 375mg CBD is lightly flavored with peppermint, which gives it a pleasant taste.

You can buy MOTA CBD White Tincture if you are looking to enjoy the various benefits of CBD oil, such as relief from pain and inflammation, anxiety, depression, stress, and restlessness.


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