SS7 1g hybrid Pre-Roll Gelato UK



SS7 1g hybrid Pre-Roll Gelato UK

Buy SS7 1g hybrid Pre-Roll Gelato UK – This hybrid phatty from SS7 is the perfect late afternoon treat – The Sativa will give you that last push to finish off your day, then the Indica will roll in just in time to unwind and kick off your boots and put your feet up.

Why Buy Pre-Rolled Joints?

Some people really enjoy the art of rolling a perfect joint… others, not so much. If you are the latter, these perfect pre-rolls are for you! If you need any more reasons to opt for prerolled joints, see our list below:

  • Difficulty using your hands/Disability
  • Convenience (Perfect for the golf bag – don’t forget you’re lighter!)
  • We roll PERFECT joints, every time.
  • Party Favours
  • Treat yourself


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